Lewisville Workers’ Comp Attorney on What to Do after a Work Injury

Lewisville Workers’ Comp Attorney If you have been injured in an accident at work, there are steps you should immediately take. Failure to take these steps can result in an aggravation of your injuries and could potentially hurt your workers’ compensation claim. A Lewisville workers’ comp attorney can help review the steps you should take following an injury:

  • Treat Your Injuries. Immediately following a workplace accident, you should seek first aid and treat your injury. Your focus should not be on your claim for benefits and working with a Lewisville workers’ comp lawyer. Instead, you should seek immediate first aid.
  • Make an Appointment With a Physician. You should treat your injuries and consult a doctor if necessary. If your injury is worsened because you failed to take proper care of yourself, you may be unable to make a claim for those injuries. In addition, a Lewisville workers’ comp attorney can explain that evidence of your medical treatment may be critical for your claim.
  • Let Your Employer Know. After you deal with the immediate concerns of a workplace injury, you should notify your employer. Your employer can take steps to remedy any dangerous conditions. In addition, it may be necessary to let your employer know of the injury prior to filing a workers’ comp claim. You may want to contact a Lewisville workers’ comp lawyer before talking to your employer.
  • Contact a Lewisville Workers’ Comp Attorney. As you deal with your workplace injury, you may want to hire an experienced attorney to advocate for your rights. The process to collect workers’ comp benefits can be difficult, and you will not want to deal with these issues as you focus on getting physically better.
  • Completing a Claim. Your Lewisville workers’ comp attorney will assist you in completing your application. You will need to provide personal information and also detailed information about your injury.

Contact a Lewisville Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you have any questions about the steps to take following a work injury, talk to a Lewisville workers’ comp attorney. The steps to file a claim can be complicated and you may want assistance. You can reach an experienced Lewisville workers’ comp lawyer by calling the Casaubon Firm L.L.P. at 972-221-4541.