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The new year is coming up, but before that we all have a chance to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Some people, unfortunately, will over-celebrate and cause serious car wrecks on our Dallas roads that will require the help of a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer.  In spite of travel service providers like Uber, too many people will get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), between 2001 and 2005, there were 54 fatalities per day involving alcohol impaired drivers over the New Year’s Holiday.  They say that 42% of holiday deaths are due to drunk driving.

Plenty of transportation alternatives are available in the Dallas area.  Uber, Lyft, and Wandervan are 3 that come to mind immediately for the Dallas, Denton, and Lewisville areas.  These can be accessed thru apps on your smart phone.  NTTA and DART offer bus and train service, and there are still plenty of taxi’s available.  Designated drivers are always a great idea, but transportation services are a sure bet to ensure that nobody in your party drinks and drives.  Leave your vehicle wherever you’re at and pick it up tomorrow.  Give your keys to a trusted friend.  Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive on our Dallas area roads this  New Year’s Eve.

And if you’re one of the many unfortunate drivers who suffer an auto injury from a car wreck in Dallas, you will need a Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas to deal with the negligent driver’s insurance company.  Don’t deal with the insurance company alone.  You will need a tough Dallas personal injury lawyer to help you.  Contact The Casaubon Firm, your Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas, TX.

Dallas Personal Injury / Car Wreck Attorney

Were you in an auto accident in the Dallas area?

If so, you should talk to a Dallas personal injury lawyer.  Many clients say that before they talked to an attorney, the auto insurance carrier gave them a very hard time.  They couldn’t get adequate medical treatment.  They were getting low-balled on their settlements.  They had difficulty getting their vehicle repaired.  Many times, someone from the insurance company tried to get them to accept a low and unacceptable settlement right from the beginning that would never cover all of their bills.

A Dallas personal injury attorney will remove all of those problems.  Insurance companies don’t give attorneys the same hassles they give you.  Personal injury lawyers know exactly how to get around those hassles because they KNOW THE LAW.

Personal injury attorneys also know how to negotiate with insurance adjustors.  They understand case value.  They know how to discuss your injuries and medical treatment.  They know how to get your vehicle repaired.  And in the end, a good Dallas personal injury attorney knows exactly how to get you a fair cash settlement when your case is settled.

So, when you’re hurt in an accident in the Dallas area, contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer.  Contact The Casaubon Firm, a Dallas / Lewisville experienced personal injury attorney.

Dallas Distracted Driver Auto Accidents | Auto Injury Lawyer

1 out of every 5 car wrecks that occurred in Dallas / Ft. Worth in 2014 was due to distracted drivers.  Over 18,000 Dallas area auto accidents in 2014 were caused by things like texting and driving, talking on cell phones and driving, playing with the radio, looking at phone apps, etc.  Driving while distracted causes more accidents in the Dallas area every year than drunk drivers (more than 3 times more).

When this type of Dallas car wreck happens, you run into the difficulty of having to actually prove that the accident was due to driver distraction.  Proof is needed that the at-fault driver was texting, talking on the phone, looking at phone apps, etc.  You need a Dallas personal injury, auto accident attorney to prove driver distraction after a Dallas auto injury.  An auto injury lawyer will need to get access to phone records of calls and texts.  A good Dallas area personal injury attorney will do just that.

If you’re injured in a distracted driver car wreck in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton, Lewisville, Plano, or McKinney areas, you need to contact the auto accident lawyers at the Casaubon Firm, in Lewisville, TX.  You need your car repaired or replaced and you may need medical attention.  Your Dallas personal injury attorney will get you all the help you need with no money out of your own pocket.  Give us a call today.

Dallas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

in 2014, the Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Tarrant Counties experienced 6,348 commercial vehicle auto accidents.  Throughout the entire state of Texas, the DFW metroplex sees 1 out of every 5 commercial vehicle crashes.  About 20% of all Texas commercial vehicle crashes happen right here in Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Tarrant Counties.

We’ve all see it – 18-wheelers speeding down the highway, swerving in the lane, not letting you on the highway, changing lanes without seeing you.  These trucks are very dangerous.  When they hit you, the accident could cause very serious injuries.

And a lot of these companies make an effort to hire the safest drivers, but let’s face it, too many of them are not driving safe.  And far too many of us suffer the consequences.

That 6,348 DFW commercial vehicle accidents comes out to about 17 Dallas, Denton, Ft. Worth, Plano, McKinney, Lewisville auto accidents caused by 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles PER DAY.  If you’re one of the unfortunate people who fall into this injury category, you need a Dallas personal injury attorney who knows how to handle commercial vehicle accidents.

The Casaubon Firm, in Lewisville, TX is exactly the personal injury law firm you need when you’re injured in an 18-wheeler accident in Dallas, Denton, Collin, or Tarrant counties.  They will get your vehicle repaired or replaced, get you the medical care that you need when you’re injured, and you may even get a cash settlement at the end of your auto injury case.  Don’t take on the commercial carrier yourself.  Instead, contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Dallas to help you.  The Casaubon Firm wants to help you when you’re hurt by an 18-wheeler accident.

Car Wrecks on Clear Days in Dallas, Ft. Worth

Most people think that the majority of car wrecks happen on bad weather days.  Rain, sleet, snow, fog:  these are the causes of car crashes, aren’t they?  Wrong.  In 2014, 89% of all Texas car wrecks occurred on clear days.  89%.

That means that you’re much more likely to be in a car accident on a bright, sun-shiny day than on a day with bad weather or poor driving conditions.  So, be careful.  In the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex, about 1 in 4 crashes happen due to distracted or intoxicated drivers – on perfectly clear days.  You never know what the “other driver” is going to do.

While you can’t control the other driver, you can protect yourself in the event that you are injured in a car wreck in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton, Lewisville, or the surrounding metroplex areas.  If this happens to you, you will need a Dallas personal injury attorney who can represent your interests when you’re in a car accident.  The auto injury lawyers at the Casaubon Firm, in Lewisville, TX know exactly how to help you and they will make sure you are well taken care of when you’re hurt in a car wreck.  Give us a call today.

Dallas and Lewisville Auto Injury / Car Accident Lawyer

Were you injured in a car wreck in the Dallas or Lewisville areas?  If so, it’s likely that you may be trying to deal with the other person’s insurance company yourself.  How’s that going?  If you’re like most people, the auto insurance company is trying to low-ball you.  They want you to settle for a very small amount that won’t cover all of your medical expenses.  They don’t care if you get treatment, and in fact, they would like it better if you didn’t.  They just want to close out the claim with as few expenses as possible.

And when it comes to negotiating with the insurance carrier, that’s probably not going too well either.  Face it – they are trained to negotiate in their favor. You’re not.  For you, it’s emotional.  You know you deserve something fair, but you can’t get what you deserve.  The insurance adjustor won’t budge.  They may even act like they’re your friend, but don’t be fooled.  They have just one job, and that’s to prevent you from getting money from them.

That’s why you need a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer who can fight for your interests.  Our Dallas and Lewisville, TX personal injury attorneys are trained to negotiate with auto insurance carriers.  We know exactly how to deal with them so that you get all of the money you deserve.  We know how to work with doctors and auto body shops as well.  Working with a Dallas or Lewisville personal injury attorney means that absolutely ZERO money will ever come out of your pocket when you’re hurt in a Dallas area car wreck.  And often times, when all is said and done, you may be able to get a cash settlement at the end of your claim.

Don’t try to negotiate and fight with the auto insurance carriers on your own.  You need an experienced and tough Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your auto injury case for you.  Contact the Casaubon Firm, in Lewisville, TX today.  We want to help you.